HMS eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) enables your hospital to administer medications in a real-time, fully-integrated electronic documentation system -- improving patient safety. Comprehensive tools provide instant metrics and reporting, resulting in improved patient outcomes and clinician satisfaction.

Increases efficiency

Streamlines the medication administration process with real-time and complete medication documentation and charge billing capture.


Improves patient safety

Provides a closed-loop medication management system which ensures the seamless coordination of steps across the continuum of patient care. Bedside, bar-coded medication ensures the “5 Rights of Medication Administration” leading to increased patient safety.

Enhances decision-making

Comprehensive clinical decision support offers robust clinical screening of medication orders, including drug-drug interaction, drug dosing and administration, drug-allergy, drug therapy monitoring, IV checking and duplicate therapy.


Ensures compliance and reimbursement

Enhances reimbursement opportunities with CMS and ARRA and supports thorough HIPAA compliance.

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Success Story

Cindy Meagher from Fairfield Memorial
"[HMS's] eMAR has so many safeguards. Because it's linked into the pharmacy system, it can immediately tell you if a medication order is incorrect or how a certain medication interacts with others."
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